Management Training

At Construction Infosys, we recognize that your project staff member’s experience, skills and knowledge must be in tune with today’s market needs. In a fast moving market place, it remains imperative for each staff member to be up-to-date with the diverse aspects of diverse kinds of projects. To meet this requirement, we offer quality training solutions to address your entire project staff's, from entry level through to executive level, training needs.

Our courses are not just confined to theory, but encompass all facets of project work. Be it process-oriented or soft-skill oriented, our courses goes further than mere concepts and tips. They give the participants hands-on experience on the nature of each type of project and acquaint them with the framework behind project management, as well as the skills and tools that is needed to manage projects every day.

Taught by instructors who are seasoned professionals with years of project and business management experience, our training curriculum encompasses the three critical areas of project management skills and tools, that is, technical knowledge, soft skills and software methodologies.

To keep your staff up-to-date with the latest construction processes and techniques Construction Infosys’s management training solutions remains your best bet. Get in touch with us atinfo@constructioninfosys.com to know what we can offer to meet your needs.