Estimation & Pricing

The route to any successful project begins with comprehensive construction estimate prepared by a group of professional estimators. The scope, cost and time period of a project must be accurately forecast to arrive at a successful project conclusion.

Construction costs are influenced by a host of factors such as materials, labour, location, machinery requirements, time required for a project and the computer hardware and software. To arrive at an accurate figure, detailed estimation is most ideal for it helps to properly compile and analyse the data that helps to generate a precise estimated figure.

Estimating is a sophisticated process that demands proven ability to prepare quantity surveys, determine labor productivity, price materials and know construction methodologies. Construction Infosys experienced and skilled professional estimators combine a blend of in-depth knowledge in construction practices and procedures and a proven flair for implementing your requirements. Belonging to diverse disciplines like civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical, our professionals synergize the finer aspects of these disciplines needed for a successful estimating effort.

At Construction Infosys, we adopt a structured approach. Our certified professional estimators can prepare thoroughly researched, unbiased and accurate estimate report with complete details, analytical reviews and recommendations for the project. Taking into account factors such as project type, location, design, local conditions and other factors that directly impact project cost, our estimators can provide a detailed estimate of project cost through all phases of the project life cycle. Value engineering is also an integral aspect of all our estimates. Each estimate made by our estimators offers a varied list of value engineering possibilities and associated cost analysis that helps to formulate the budget in tune with the financial requirements of the project.

In today’s market place, technology plays a vital role and helps in improving accuracy, consistency and speed. At Construction Infosys, Digitizers, Software, CAD etc, are used extensively to achieve better work efficiency. With Construction Infosys expertise, you can achieve a smooth transition from design to construction.